The JV-ODE Physics Wrapper is an advanced user library supporting almost all of
the Open Dynamics Engine functions wrapped inside a DLL (Dynamic Link Library).
The library can be used with any programming language that supports DLL's, including Blitz3D and BlitzMax (Win32). The Euler rotation system in JV-ODE has been adapted to match the left-handed Euler rotation used in Blitz3D, however functions for accessing Quaternion and Axis Angle rotation systems are also included. The full versions
contain all of the necessary files to get you started, including over 40 demos showing the various features found in ODE and a complete Function Reference document.
The BlitzMax (Win32) version also features a built-in 'bare-bones' OpenGL
3D engine module and B3D mesh loader module for demo purposes.
Blitz3D Version
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BlitzMax Version